Heisler Park

Heisler Park Shotcrete Seawall

D.P. Reynolds Corporation was contracted to repair an ocean front cliff where a 30 inch storm drain had failed. Excavation and construction was dictated by the ocean’s tides.

There is no stockpiling on the beach or moving material over the beach, so all material had to be moved up a slope via conveyor belts and limited access equipment.

After the completion of the entire keyway, we constructed a scultured shotcrete seawall to blend with the existing cliff face.

The top portion of the repair was completed utilizing geogrid and compaction equipment. All throughout the repair process, care was taken to protect the tide pool below, the surrounding landscape and the pedestrian walkways.

Import of materials was accomplished with conveyor belts and limited access equipment to restore the site, while maintaining pedestrian and traffic flow.

Upon completion of the geogrid compaction, the site was re-landscaped using California native plants.