Hillside / Landslide Repair

D.P. Reynolds Corp. performs many complicated and limited access hillside repairs. We utilize a wide variety of techniques including basic re-compaction, re-compaction using geogrid, concrete treated soil (CTS), and pipe and board retention systems.

Grading / Limited Access Grading

D.P. Reynolds Corporation specializes in limited access grading. Utilizing our system of conveyor belts and small grading equipment, we are able to import, export and/or excavate in difficult and unusual places. 

Geotechnical Field Services

  • 3″ to 6 ” diameter
  • Depth of approximately 45 feet
  • Soil sampling equipment 140 pound sample weight
  • Complete portable rig – drill anywhere including hillsides and sensitive areas.

Drainage Improvements

D.P. Reynolds Corporation installs, improves and restores area surface drains, french drains and all types of sub drains. We also construct and install concrete drainage systems including V ditches and concrete inlet structures. 

Demolition / ADA Improvements

DP Reynolds Corp provides interior and exterior demolition and ADA Improvement services.

Tie Back / Shotcrete / Horizontal Boring

 D.P. Reynolds Corporation installs shotcrete walls and tie backs utilizing our limited access tie back rigs. We can complete projects conventional rigs cannot, as well as, complete projects with minimal impact.